The Health Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment
By Foothill Family Dental
April 09, 2020
Category: Oral Health

These days, people can choose from a number of orthodontic treatments for correcting all sorts of orthodontic concerns. However, it can be hard to determine the most appropriate solution for your issues, whether you need Invisalign or more traditional kinds of orthodontics. This is why a thorough consultation with Dr. Riad here at Foothill Family Dental in Foothill Ranch, CA, is crucial. With this in mind, here are common types of orthodontic treatments and how they can help fix and maintain your oral health.

Traditional Braces

This is a popular treatment for straightening the teeth and properly aligning your jaw. Using orthodontic braces, however, is quite a lengthy procedure requiring numerous returns to the dentist for adjustment. Braces can address many orthodontic issues like misaligned jaw joints, dysfunctional chewing, teeth wear, and unnecessary stress on the gums. All of these can lead to other health issues like headaches, neck pains, and facial pains.

Although an effective treatment, it is equally important to point out that having those wires and posts on your teeth could be very uncomfortable. It can also be difficult to eat your favorite foods as well as brush effectively. Treatment times are likewise longer than newer forms of orthodontic treatments.

Invisalign Aligners

Considered as a better alternative to orthodontic braces, this treatment is comparatively faster to complete and requires fewer visits to the dentist. The use of smooth plastic material for the removable tray also eliminates unsightly wires and posts in your mouth.

Invisalign can also deliver various physical benefits such as:

  • Improved oral health with straighter teeth;
  • Minimize gum disease and bone loss;
  • Correctly aligns upper and lower jaws to correct bite and prevent jaw pain;
  • Chewing and choosing foods to eat is easier with the removable trays;
  • Alignment of the teeth and jaw protects the teeth and minimizes gaps aside from correcting overcrowding of the teeth

Aside from the physical benefits of Invisalign, there are also some psychological advantages derived from the treatment. This can include:

  • Straighter teeth allow for a better smile and likewise increases self-confidence;
  • Improves appearance because the aligners are virtually transparent;
  • For teenagers, this type of orthodontic treatment can result in social acceptance;
  • There is less frustration experienced because results are achieved faster;
  • The custom-fitted aligners ensure optimum comfort while you are under the Invisalign treatment; and
  • You get your award-winning smile without people knowing that you are getting orthodontic treatment.


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