The Importance of Routine Checkups
By Foothill Family Dental
January 23, 2018
Category: Oral Health
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You shouldn't only go to the dentist when you have a major problem—the best time to go is when your teeth feel fine and you just need a routine checkupscheckup. Checkups help prevent serious dental problems before they develop and worsen. Learn more about why routine dental checkups are important and make time in your upcoming schedule to see a dentist at Foothill Family Dental in Foothill Ranch, CA.

What Happens During a Routine Dental Checkup?
Patients who have healthy teeth and gums know the importance of maintaining an ongoing relationship with their dentists, including regular checkups. This is what you can expect when you go the dentist for a routine checkup:

- A visual examination of your teeth and the entire oral cavity.
- New dental X-rays if you're due for them.
- A consultation on any past or current dental concerns you're having.
- A professional cleaning and scaling around the gumline if necessary to remove all traces of plaque.

Why Are These Checkups Important?
The American Dental Association recommends that you see your Foothill Ranch, CA dentist a minimum of two times per year, six months apart. More frequent checkups are suggested (about three or four times per year) if you've had dental problems in the past, like gum disease or tooth decay. Checkups are important because they are a first line of defense against more serious dental,concerns that can be costly and time-consuming to fix.

Discuss Additional Treatments with Your Dentist
Your checkup appointment is the perfect time to consult your dentist about additional dental treatments that may help improve and strengthen your smile. For instance, if you're having chronic problems with your jaw (TMJ/TMD) or bite alignment, you may be a good candidate for an orthodontic treatment. If you have a tooth that is a little worn down, you might need a dental crown.

Schedule a Checkup Soon
If it's been a while since you saw a dentist for a checkup, now is the time to change that and get your dental health back on track. Call (949) 273-8600 today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Riad at Foothill Family Dental in Foothill Ranch, CA.